Thank you!

The Midrealm Reference Guide would not be anywhere near as complete as it is today without the tremendous efforts of many people, who took a half-empty database and a truly impressive stack of Pales and turned them into the information you see.

We would particularly like to thank:

  • Lady Artemisia Lacebrayder
  • Lord Dickon Fifelcyn
  • Sir Einarr Dunwulf Bjornsen
  • Lady Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn
  • Baroness Gwynnyd of York
  • Lady Ilysabetta d'Ostia
  • Lord Nylas Kazmer
  • Lord Lopt Anrhaidin
  • Lady Mórag
  • Mistress Siobhan O'Neill
  • Sir Timothy Garragchan Óleitrim

    Extreme thanks go to Baroness Gwynnyd and Lord Dickon, who were so gracious as to open their home (and networked computers) to the assembling multitudes.

    Catherine Aimée Le Moyne
    Rhiannon of Ottersdale


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