Youth Craftsmens Faire
Prize Tourney


Show off your talents. Can you sew, embroider, make armor or weapons, cook, carve wood, paint, play music or any other arts and sciences?

Then we want to see your work.

This faire is open to all youths, 17 years old and younger. (Youths are also encouraged to submit their entries with the Regional/Kingdom A&S competitions).

Format is like the Laurel Prize Tourney.

  • There is no documentation requirement, however the entrant must fill out (for younger entrants a parent can assist completing the form) an entry form indicating the general time period, place and purpose of their submission (also needed will be Name, DOB and SCA Group).
  • There will be no judging of entries, only comments and prize tokens.
  • Parents may help, but the entrant must be responsible for the majority of the work.
  • Entries will be grouped by age.
  • Entrants are encouraged, but not required, to stay with their entry and discuss their work with the populace.

For those who will not be attending the event, entries can be brought by someone from their area providing that they have the information for the entry form. Come and see the talents of the Youth of the Midrealm. Royalty, Peers and members of the populace are invited to attend and encouraged to leave small tokens with the entries they feel should receive recognition. Comment sheets will be placed with each entry for comments and encouragement in the entrant's art/science.

Parents - Now is the time to get your children working on projects. This is a great opportunity to have their work seen and praised. Consider tying it in to a school project if you have time constants. Keep in mind that this is their chance to have their work displayed and not graded. (Think Fun)

Questions on the Faire can be directed to Bantiarna Ceara, Kingdom Minister of Youth, at , or at (614) 517-6456.

Note - this event is held twice annually in conjunction with the Kingdom A&S (Spring) and Kingdom Craftsmen Faire (Fall Crown).


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